We are independent. We are nimble. And we bring a depth of experience to your business found in only the best agencies.

We call ourselves Campaign Cafe.

Because we draw from our own extensive network of seasoned, senior advertising professionals and put together a team for any specialty – custom built for your business and your marketing goals.

Where do we come from? Advertising agencies have downsized at the top so we have plenty of top-notch talent that are working as independents. We are bringing all this great expertise to clients on an as-needed basis.

All the agency holding companies are forcing agencies to send profits to the top. This means most agencies are relying on more young, inexperienced talent and it shows in the work. The ads aren’t as good and don’t deliver the strongest strategy.

But we promise you the best advertising expertise at lower fees because you aren’t paying for all that overhead and for profits going up the ladder. You just pay for our work. And you work directly with senior talent that’s hand-picked with credentials to service your business.

Smart strategy. Smart work. We just think it makes good business sense.