When targeting consumers – or targeting anyone, this is how we think. To reach your target you need really “get” your target.  And to “really get” your target, your team needs to be made of your target. Young white guys know little about talking to baby boomers. In fact, they usually argue with them. The most effective approach is to have the target on your team. Of course, we promise ones with talent. Talent is table stakes on our team.

We think that ad agencies have become incredibly one-dimensional. The standard creative department is a couple of senior male creative directors, usually white, and an army of 25-35 year old guys. It’s a model that sells their client short. One dimensional teams bring one-dimensional thinking.

That’s why we’re setting up an agency based on a different model. We build target teams to service our clients’ goals. Teams of seasoned, advertising professionals who bring real value to our clients.

If you want to target women, we build a team for that. If you target boomers, we bring you a team for that. If you target, Hispanics, we have a great team for that. If you want international, we have a team for that. We build a working team for every client based on theit targets.

And, as a result, we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll see results.