At Campaign Cafe, we created a brand for the Child HELP Partnership. What that meant was that we worked with them to define their vision, mission, personality and all the trappings, designed their logo and a clever system of sub-logos for the each program and expanded that to an overall brand look. Next, we created a series of targeted posters to reach different types of clinic audiences in the Queens community.

Up until this time, Child HELP had a web presence as part of the St. John’s University site. But, as they grow, they are becoming a blossoming entity separate from St. John’s and clearly need a web presence to reflect that. In order to grow to the national level, they need to attack bigger donor funding and grant awards. A website focused on solely on their mission is the only way to attract that.


A little about this site: it does not target their patients; it targets professionals who make referrals, grant organizations and large-scale donors. For this reason, the content takes a balanced approach between the science and the passion that drives this endeavor. The vision and dedication to the children the programs help is pervasive in the images throughout the site and the stories.

There’s no assignment we’d rather take on but to help this fantastic group help more children.

Enough said.

The current site has been altered since we designed it. Please review for our content development but keep in mind the images have been altered from our initial design. And the wonderful patient stories have been removed.