As a new company launching in the national market, B2R desired rapid expansion across the US housing rental financing market. We were hired by MindHandle Design in Dallas to create and run a new campaign. The green & black logo became our inspiration for both the web and print graphic unifier.

That’s what their campaign needed –to be effective– to stand out, get noticed and be remembered. The target audience were Average Joes. We needed a workhorse campaign that would catch their attention. Nothing high brow or fancy.

Why are highway signs greens with white lettering? They are clean, telegraphic and different from the clutter all around him. You could say the same thing about green banner ads across the cluttered, crowded environment on the information superhighway. We played on that dynamic in designing this deceptively simple and highly successful web campaign. Quick strategically driven messages on green and white “road sign” banners have done heavy lifting for this new brand.

It worked. The new leads leaped from 200 every month to 3000.

B2R-Banners_2_575px B2R-Banners_3_575px B2R-Banners_4_575px

Then came the website and print ads. Led by the distinctive banners, we designed the rest to strongly telegraph this brand look as well. As soon as you land on the site, you know you are in the same brand as the banner ads and the print ads – whatever you’ve seen first.

Each element in the brand further builds recognition as a good brand should.

All is well that ends well. B2R was in a solid growth pattern. They were acquired. Founders all happy as clams!!

Now when you click on the URL. It’s another company that looks a cookie-cutter brand just like any other company in that category.