How can a bank stand out on the web – where one of the hardest marketing categories meets one of the toughest media platforms?

Banks tend to all say the same things and, of course, the web’s an incredibly crowded and cluttered environment.

For BBVA Compass Bank, we approached a series of banner campaigns to reach out and grab attention by being both human and graphic. It’s often difficult for a bank to communicate humanity without seeming disingenuous. But these concepts speak with an upbeat, friendly voice – without being preachy or heavy-handed. Their language is quick and relatable to get the message across in an instant.

And, to bust through the clutter, we took the BBVA Compass Bank international brand graphics and arranged them for maximum appeal. The bright colors in the type and photos combined with the carefully place borders really stand out on the busiest of web pages.

 /></a></p> <p><a rel=All in all, we helped BBVA get their message to stand out with humanity and impact designed for the increasingly short attention spans of this same-same, busy-busy environment.

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