Web campaigns and websites can definitely be done without a brand team. But often, they look – and sound – like cookie-cutter sites. Or worse, they start looking like every other company out there. The thing is it’s a missed opportunity for your brand. Your web marketing to be the most effective needs to be an extension of your brand. That means visual, tone, graphics, design… all need to coordinate with the brand.



In fact, every single thing that touches your target audience should come from the same personality. If it looks or sounds like it’s from another company, you are losing power. A lot of marketing dollars are being diluted. All media speaking in unison multiplies the brand recognition and amplifies the message – and makes your marketing dollars go farther. Web is no exception.

Web banners need to visually echo print ads as well as the website. Radio needs to sound like the brand TV. That way no matter what the target sees or hears, the brand is reinforced each time. Like speaking in unison.

A brand team directing the web development only makes sense. That’s what we’ve done at brand agencies all around the country – since day one of the internet. Let us do it for you.