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Check out this new brand campaign we developed for Balancing Energy Yoga. First, we explored together what defined their brand – based on the personality and principles they’ve built into the studio’s mission. In their philosophy, yoga is not just about what happens on the mat. It’s about connecting with your inner spirit. This connection blossoms steadily in an ongoing process. It’s not only the physical but the discovery of self that comes from regular practice. It’s about .


Because first impressions matter. Your package is your brand on the shelf. It’s often the first experience a potential customer has with your product. If it doesn’t appeal to them, you might lose them forever. Here’s a peek at our appealing – and successful – OUT! package design. And the story of how we got there. How effective the design depends on how well the brief positions the product. That’s why we like to roll up .


At Campaign Cafe, we created a brand for the Child HELP Partnership. What that meant was that we worked with them to define their vision, mission, personality and all the trappings, designed their logo and a clever system of sub-logos for the each program and expanded that to an overall brand look. Next, we created a series of targeted posters to reach different types of clinic audiences in the Queens community. Up until this time, Child .


Joyce Farms is the exclusive North American producer of Poulet Rouge: a French Label Rouge chicken. It’s an Old World heritage chicken, highly valued by Europeans and rarely found on US soils. As part of our overall rebranding, we started with the name. On the day we arrived, the company was called Joyce Foods. Because of a long farming heritage and the expanding focus on Epicurean and naturally raised meats, we had renamed them Joyce Farms by the .


You can say passion is the driving force behind this brand, Child HELP Partnership. The founder, Dr. Elissa Brown, is driven by lifelong passion to help children. And Campaign Café took on their branding assignment in our passion to work for causes that are really making a difference in the world. Dr. Brown initially landed in the national spotlight because of her well-regarded initiatives with families affected by 9/11. Since then, she has worked .


Only two to three percent of direct mail packages get opened. The tougher the audience the tougher that challenge becomes. So, how does a Unified Fine Arts, a premium art handling company, reach their hard-to-impress audience of top-tier art museums and crème-de-la- crème art collectors? And beat the odds they’ll open that envelope? We had to find a way to make it irresistible! How could anyone not open that envelope? This invite for a .


Here’s the brand campaign we created for a restaurant called Greenz. Their current advertising is tactical – based on offers  to get people in the door. Yet Greenz needed a brand campaign to speak to the soul and personality of the place. They serve healthy salads and wraps. But, at Greenz, healthy is never boring. What they really serve is unexpectedly delicious food. So we used a bit of unexpected humor to express Greenz .