A Case Study on the Relaunch

In 2009, Campaign Café re-launched Vet’s Best – a languishing brand recently acquired by Retail Products Group. Natural health was a completely new category for this client group, which normally focused on chemically based products. So we built a team of national talent who inherently understood the 82% female target (yes, mostly women), as well as being well-versed in pets and natural products.

We helped the RPG marketing team define the brand, understand the natural product buyer, establish a creative direction and develop packaging that reflects the updated Vet’s Best brand.

package design for Vet's Best

To reach our distinctive final package design, our team explored 25+ designs in several rounds and worked with the research team to identify what designs were best communicating desired product attributes to target consumers.

Our brand guidance through the consumer research made sure the final design not only reflected the brand strategy, but also took a unique position in the competitive set and delivered memorable impact on shelf.

Then came the launch. All the strategic positioning was developed and product attributes were identified. And a fully integrated marketing campaign came to life. Every piece speaks with the same smart, but friendly, voice and the messages focus on what’s important to our key consumers. We became fully immersed in ways to group the product in healing systems promotes overall wellness for the pet as well as encourages multiple product purchases.

The ad campaign led the way with a message that linked the benefits of natural formulas as integral to a pet’s health. Pets love naturals. Their instincts tell them what’s good for them. We chose an ad design that visually mimicked the new bottle design in order to foster immediate consumer recognition of the new brand look. The easier it is to recognize, the faster familiarity will be achieved.

Quality ingredients, Vet-developed formulas, tried + true natural expertise, strong knowledge base – all the strengths of the brand and what distinguishes Vet’s Best from the competition.

Our hangtags romance the story of the veterinarian, Dr. Dawn Curie Thomas, who developed the formulas more than 28 years ago. Her deep knowledge and long-time track record as an herbal pioneer was identified in research as a significant selling point to our target consumers.

So we make the most of these consumer insights in every point of communication throughout a fully integrated brand campaign.

For the retailers, we re-introduced the brand with a gorgeous brochure that tells the whole story of the brand and how we can help them sell most effectively. The design and content fully brings the new Vet’s Best brand personality to life.

And to fully initiate the national sales force, we presented them with an extensive package of brand materials + selling tools in an easy-to-manage binder. Everything inside was strategically designed to educate each sales person on the newly defined brand assets and arm them with the most powerful ammunition to take the product to market.

The new packaging is just hitting the shelves. And early results look extremely promising.

One example: we spilt the single original Hip+Joint formula into 3 different strengths. First quarter results showed that Vet’s Best sold more units of each of the 3 new Hip+Joint formulas than total quarterly unit sales of the old single-strength package. Yes, triple the number of units for the rebranded products’ first quarter out the door. Spot results are following that exciting trend.