In the words of the director, Dr. James K. Willson, the Harold C. Simmons Cancer Center at UT Southwestern is being built to lead into the future of cancer research and treatment. “As architects of the cancer center’s future, our challenge has been to create a structure that could bring together the many different assets of UT Southwestern, fostering collaboration and discovery.” And every aspect of research, programs, people and buildings are working to reflect this core focus.

The UTSW marketing’s design standards looked more like 1984 than 2010 – let alone the future. So they turned to Campaign Cafe to rebrand the Simmons Cancer Center as a brand that reflects their extraordinary vision, work and impact.

The first new brand production was the pivotal 2009 annual report. More than an annual report, it was a overview of the gamut of clinical and research going on there. This 60-page book was instrumental in their being the only North Texas Cancer Center awarded the coveted NCI designation. And the Cancer Center leaders were thrilled with the result.

2009 Simmons Cancer Center Annual Report

And the Cancer Center leaders were thrilled with the result. This design and concept became the basis for their new and much updated brand. And the new brand was then extended to all the marketing, collateral and website for the Cancer Center.

A little about the 2009 Annual: when you open the book, you feel as if you’ve entered the building itself. The extraordinary content represents the breadth and depth of endeavor that’s hard at work there. All the researchers and doctors are photographed in the open work spaces around the complex where they collaborate. The colors reflect the southwest landscape, the interiors of the complex, and the hope of discovery.

The design is open, modern and alive like the building and the collaboration it encourages. The book exudes the essence of the cancer center itself. It feels like a place where the future is happening. Indeed, it fully reflects the brand.

Concept and design by Pam Morrell and writing by Karen Patterson, this 2009 overview book/annual report is a high profile example of our top caliber work. Smart, engaging, and memorable design and content that is strongly rooted in a solid brand discipline: it’s what any client values most.