When branding a small company who plays in big leagues, the essential question is how to make them stand out.

For Unified Fine Arts, a fine art handling and storage company, our brand exploration first evaluated where the communications would end up. Their main targets are top, big-name museums in the Texas region, as well as high-end galleries and collectors.

When we considered this clientele, any collateral will land in museum or gallery offices. Given these places tend to be pristine and white – with paperwork mixed in – it made perfect sense to leverage the visual impact of the bold yellow cube element in the Unified logo. Repeatedly using this very visible meme would make simple, powerful and memorable impressions.

On top of that, this clientele demands the utmost perfection in service and execution. And delivering that level of service is how the Unified team built their good name in the business in only a few short years.

Therefore, we recommended a campaign theme and tagline that focused on service: We deliver more.

Everything about the custom website revolves around this central theme and reinforces the new and distinctive brand design.


It’s a tag that aligns perfectly with their work attitude. It’s now the promise, the inside and outside, the track record, and the mantra for the company.

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So we built the entire campaign around this iconic yellow cube – leading with a modular set of brochures that fit inside a folder pocket. Each brochure focuses on showing how Unified delivers more of a specific service. First with art handling, second with storage. Then, as new offerings solidify, they will be able to add brochures to the folder.

Whether an ad, a direct mail piece, or a brochure on a tradeshow table, any time a client receives a communication from Unified, the yellow cube is central to the design. Since the visual memory is stronger than any, this simple, yet powerful image sets them apart. And is a fast way to get them recognized and remembered.

When it comes to direct mail, not only must you consider a mere two to three percent of direct mail packages get opened, but the tougher the audience, the tougher that challenge becomes.

So here’ a look at how we approached a key piece of direct mail. We asked ourselves: how do we each their hard-to-impress audience of top-tier art museums and crème-de-la- crème art collectors? And beat the odds to get them inside the envelope?

We had to find a way to make it irresistible!

How could anyone not open that envelope?


This invite for a private viewing packed big appeal into a petite package. To up the curiosity quotient, we enclosed it in a see-through envelope. The design improvised on the yellow square that is central to the company’s logo and brand. And the message of a very tiny invitation for very big news would resonate with this visually sophisticated, niche target.

The result: a unique and charming invite that’s more slinky than direct mail piece. It delivers all the charm and memorability it needs to get the message read by even the toughest potential client. And a much higher than average response!


Getting the greatest impact for your dollar: this is the kind of thinking we bring to every Campaign Café assignment.

And we even produced original branded holiday cards!

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