Because first impressions matter. Your package is your brand on the shelf. It’s often the first experience a potential customer has with your product. If it doesn’t appeal to them, you might lose them forever.

Here’s a peek at our successful OUT! package design – and the story of we got there.


How effective the design depends on how well the brief positions the product. That is why we like to roll up our sleeves and get involved from the start. The package must hit squarely on several levels. So, first, the brief must define the tone and personality of the brand. If that personality is distinctive, the design will follow. The brief must define the specific target audience and communicate their preferences. You can have a really gorgeous design that turns a guy on. But, if the target is a woman, you may have a beautiful failure. Next, it must define the qualities that differentiate the brand from its competitors. Outmuscling your competition on the shelf can easily make a success story.

People want to see what a design exploration is. Once we have a great brief, we explore. Here is our first round of exploration for Out!. All were a far cry from the generic packaging they began with.


Lots of discussions ensues among the team and the clients on how well the designs meet the brief.

Design, at its best, is a reflection of the brand and everyone involved gets a voice. This is the optimal time for qualitative testing. We always recommend this for invaluable insight into what is being communicated to the target. The end result follows a fine-tuning of the brief for next steps. What works, what doesn’t, what’s missing. Then, we do a second exploration. We updated the winners of the first round and added a few new ones with the direction of more “modern and practical”.



After much debating among the stakeholders and a round of focus group insights, this design was the chosen winner. bigtype

The only direction we had was: because there were so many products, we needed to add to the color palette to differentiate the SKU’s more visually. So the final package set  was the first set at the top.

As is evident above, design is a process and a discipline. But design is also an art. And, at Campaign Cafe, we are artists. That’s what makes our work top of the heap every time.

This story had a great ending for our client, Retail Products Group. Our package performed so well at Walmart that it was chosen to be the only product in its category at Walmart. This retail position is big honor in product placement negotiations with the Walmart chain.

Yes, packaging matters.