This campaign was just what Nortel needed at a tough moment in time.

It was 2001 and the technology sector was in a shambles. After riding high for the Nineties, the bubble burst. It all boiled down to supply and demand. They had sold more technology into the market than the consumer was ready to pay for. All the telecoms stopped investing in infrastructure, bandwidth, all at once. And Nortel’s market screeched to a halt.

This campaign set up Nortel as the path to profitability. It talked technology demands to the business community in the Wall Street Journal. As well as in business pubs in Europe, Latin America and Asia. It illustrated exactly how business will demand capacity to move forward.

Nortel Spot

Simultaneously, highly focused print ads targeted to each specific technology sector’s trades talked to the buyers. The campaign gave every touch point solid business reasons to continue moving forward. And a big bold TV spot in conjunction with an internal corporate video told the big story to all audiences. We gave them the market scenarios that built the case to invest in technologies again.

Readership scores consistently ranked in the top 3 in the Wall Street Journal readership polls – higher than car ads. If you don’t already know, that’s almost unheard of for a technology ad.

Nortel was our first big client at Campaign Cafe as an independent agency. Pam Morrell worked on Nortel at its agency for two years and had a fantastic working relationship with the marketing heads. She had won a bunch of awards doing great spots for them (which she’d be happy to show you on request). Pam’s strategic thinking gave birth to this campaign and, after a 2-year run under our direction, it had done its job and gotten Nortel past this particular dip in the market.