An exporter of fine olive oils from Spain.









A new education initiative from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation – delivering
technology that transforms the data environment from chaos into order.











2008 update of the Mystery Writers of America logo

A clinic at St. John’s U that specializes in the treatment and prevention of child trauma.











The Vet’s Best logo redesign that fully communicates the balance
of natural and medicinal attributes of the brand essence.


Renaming to Joyce Farms (from Joyce Foods) and a redesign that connotes
the company’s distinctive heritage breeds and all-natural farming focus.


A networking + electrical firm specializing in large industrial/medical complexes.













A logo update for a regional pest control company.











An electrical supply company with a friendly family atmosphere.











An architecture firm that has expanded into the construction business.











An icon to indicate green services at an architecture firm.











IT out-sourcing with a warmer, more customer-focused service model.











A charitable organization focused on helping impoverished villages
in Western Kenya help themselves.


Our logo design representing the source of all kinds of modern communication.