B2B campaigns don’t need to be the same old, same-old dreary boring fare you’ve come to expect. Business people are people too. They react to images, brands  and messaging the same way regular consumers do. That’s why we treat them like B2B consumers. We woo them the same as we do anyone else.

When Interstate Batteries came to us for their first national B2B effort, they kept repeating the same refrain. “Our tag line says: Every battery for every need. But our customers always ask but do you have this one or that one.” So our concept turned a B2B-sales-materials brief into a full campaign that brought the tag line to life in every business category. Each sell sheet is an ad in the campaign. In every message, we hammer home the idea we have every battery for their every need.

We extended the brand colors to an impactful, industrial design that raised Interstate Batteries from marketing that evolved from local gas station flyers to a brand image worthy of knocking on the best corporate doors.

This campaign package not only armed the national sales force with new ways to sell corporate clients but raised morale across the board. The effort was by all reports a resounding success.