At Campaign Café, we do work for our own client base, but agencies also call on our expertise. Dallas just isn’t a big TV town. Lots of the local CDs are great designers but have no TV experience. Our CD Pam’s heavy TV background on Madison Avenue is a fantastic resource for local shops.

Revel United, a small Dallas agency, had the brilliant idea to sell Baylor Health Care System a campaign of testimonials. It was a perfect strategy for their client. In short, people claimed that Baylor scored high on the technical scale, but much too low on the humanity scale. Given a market that questioned the quality of Baylor’s patient relations, a series of believable testimonials were the perfect antidote.

Baylor Scoliosis Spot

Kudos to Revel for having the wisdom to bring Pam on to help deliver these great spots, instead of risking handing their client mediocre results. Why does input from a TV pro like Pam matter? Because no matter how great directors are, they can’t play the role of a seasoned broadcast advertising CD. Their understanding of advertising strategy and the client’s brand is limited. No matter how great your editors are, they can’t deliver the strategic vision without the advertising CD. And, when faced with a miss, the client group understandably becomes antsy and starts trying to fix things, which is not their expertise. Then the agency and the client end up with a mediocre spot that’s been made by committee – and no one is happy.

Baylor Cardiology Spot

Baylor NICU Spot

But testimonials are a dime a dozen and most are just plain terrible. And a terrible testimonial can really set your brand back. Especially when it comes to health care. If a talking head waxes over service, it sounds scripted and fake. So what? Your target rolls their eyes and you lose them. Audiences love laughing. Yes, but it’s a big NO in healthcare. Why? Patients don’t think health care is funny and they don’t think you should. Heavy is good, but Pam realized it must be balanced with hope. And it’s a tough line to walk.

Baylor Neurology Spot

Baylor Rehabilitation Spot

So, with all these things in mind, she studied the Baylor brand, consulted on the shoot, and developed the story lines from two hour-long unscripted takes of each patient. Pam was able to tap into the emotion of each unique individual patient so each spot resonated with essential truth. And, amazingly, there was not one client change to story or picture in approvals. That’s not just luck.

Baylor Imaging Spot

The campaign has been well received and successful and, after two years, it continues to be. Excellent consumer response has been well documented from day one. These are samples of the original 13 spots that Pam developed. They set the tone for the Revel team to produce the subsequent executions. Much easier said than done.

Another Baylor Cardiology Spot