We believe every marketing effort is a campaign. Whether it’s a TV spot, a series of web banners, an email, or a magazine ad or an entire brand campaign, it needs to be part of your campaign. If you put something in the market that doesn’t look or sound like you, your target will start mixing you up with other brands. And every time you build on a campaign, you add to the strength of your message.


Sure, an ad can be clever, cool, hip or funny, but if it doesn’t connect to your brand – if it doesn’t reflect your personality – your media dollars are wasted. It’s that simple.



Here are some questions we ask on every assignment. What is the campaign strategy? Is it part of an overall campaign that has your target audience knocking on your door? Or – are we building a new campaign that relates better to the brand? Does the ad position itself strongly against the competition? Does it cut through the clutter?

We always remember that, in the marketplace, nothing stands alone. Build, build, build…