You can say passion is the driving force behind this brand, Child HELP Partnership. The founder, Dr. Elissa Brown, is driven by lifelong passion to help children. And Campaign Café took on their branding assignment in our passion to work for causes that are really making a difference in the world.

Dr. Brown initially landed in the national spotlight because of her well-regarded initiatives with families affected by 9/11. Since then, she has worked tirelessly to grow her clinic team at St. John’s University, Queens, NY, that serves one of the most diverse multicultural communities in the US, and to build a body of research that actively informs each of their protocols. In addition, the team offers programs and trainings for professionals throughout the New York Metro area, nationally and internationally.

So how do we communicate all that passion in a brand? How do we let the world know the unique value of these programs?

In our branding process, we immersed ourselves in their process with visits on-site, as well as with ongoing conversations about what they do and how they do it.

Starting with the logo, we sought the essence of what the Child HELP Partnership believes: that childhood should feel safe and happy. And that a child should start life free of stress, not constrained by pain or abuse.

Not all children are so lucky.

Healing a child in distress is a journey. The child’s start may be upright, but then things are turned on their head. Many difficult steps follow, but with help and guidance, there can be a safe landing on solid ground.

The healing process parallels the mechanics of a cartwheel. So this is the symbolism we chose to represent what the PARTNERSHIP promises, and more importantly, delivers.

And then, for the individual programs that needed their own logos, we pulled apart the main logo in a modular way to represent steps in the healing process.

Now we’re in the midst of building their brand into an integrated campaign across all programs and all media.

A good example is this poster targeted at teens experiencing abusive relationships. Teens who may be keeping a secret out of fear, or who may be confused what abuse really is. Our message needed to reach out and resonate emotionally to motivate them to seek help. Our approach? The stopping power of a very realistic image working together with a copy strategy that cut straight to the soul of the matter: sure, love can hurt your heart, but it should never hurt your body.

At Campaign Café, we are always looking for clients who are doing good.

Stay tuned for more!