Only two to three percent of direct mail packages get opened.

The tougher the audience the tougher that challenge becomes.

So, how does a Unified Fine Arts, a premium art handling company, reach their hard-to-impress audience of top-tier art museums and crème-de-la- crème art collectors? And beat the odds they’ll open that envelope?

We had to find a way to make it irresistible!

How could anyone not open that envelope?

This invite for a private viewing packed big appeal into a petite package. To up the curiosity quotient, we enclosed it in a see-through envelope. The design improvised on the yellow square that is central to the company’s logo and brand. (See our full 2012 rebranding) And the message of a very tiny invitation for very big news would resonate with this visually sophisticated, niche target.

The result: a unique and charming invite that’s more slinky than direct mail piece. It delivers all the charm and memorability it needs to get the message read by even the toughest potential client. And a much higher than average response!

Getting the greatest impact for your dollar: this is the kind of thinking we bring to every Campaign Café assignment.